RFID Asset Tracking Starter Kit For Automated Asset Tracking

Monitoring and locating vital company assets is a major challenge for businesses. If organizations keep spending time just searching for equipment, it may lead to costly delays, missed deadlines, and wasted labor. One easy way to enhance asset management is with an RFID asset tracking starter kit. RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology is best to track assets automatically.

As advanced RFID fixed asset tracking system makes the most of electromagnetic fields. It further helps in transmitting data from the RFID tag to the RFID reader. Whether you use it on wheelchairs, office equipment, IV pumps in hospitals, or tools in a factory, RFID offers accurate real-time data to track both mobile and fixed assets.

Automatic RFID Fixed Asset Tracking

Using a fixed RFID reader, it is easy to identify the fixed assets. With conventional barcodes, staff has to keep a barcode scanner pointed at a tag for accurate scanning. Some applications need crawling behind racks, under desks, or even climbing ladders for scanning hard-to-reach assets. But that’s to RFID, the reader can accurately scan data from several feet away. So, staff can easily scan assets without any hassle.

RFID tags also have more memory capacity to store extra information on the asset. These tags also store information on sensor data or maintenance activities that are easy to read and write with field technicians via a computer.

Hence, the RFID asset tracking starter kit offers many benefits over barcoding. Some of these benefits are:

  • Reading many tags consistently, without requiring line-of-sight between the tags and scanner. So, a single employee can check inventory in a full room within a few minutes.
  • Critical service data is easy to record directly on the assets, allowing for more precise asset life cycle management.
  • RFID tags also come integrated with GPS technology and sensors. So, they can provide easy asset location along with proper data information. 
  • Thanks to wireless LAN and RFID tags, it is easier to identify and locate assets within a few seconds.
  • RFID tags cut the time spent on tracking your inventory from days to just a few hours.  
  • Real-time warnings and alarms can be generated if assets are removed from a building or moved to unauthorized areas to increase asset security.
  • Since RFID can quickly track assets, it improves productivity as the staff can focus on more important tasks rather than checking assets all day long. 
  • It’s not logistically impossible to keep track of a lot of assets. RFID-enabled automated tracking will give you a comprehensive picture of your asset fleet without the expensive and time-consuming costs associated with manually monitoring equipment.


There are several benefits of using RFID for asset tracking. If you want to make your everyday asset tracking task easier, opt for this advanced technology now.