Professional RFID Services Assures You a Successful Project

Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) is committed to help you maximize your benefits from barcode and RFID hardware, use the RFID applications to its highest potential to meet your business needs and support you should a problem arise. Our resources provide you all the professional RFID services from initial planning and design, implementation, training and technical support. We are focused at making you productive with our RFID solutions so that you can reach a higher productivity level and attain your ROI (Return on Investment).

Planning is 99% of any RFID solution

Would you build a house without a plan? Why would you implement an RFID project without one? The initial steps in a project involve a consultation and business analysis of the operation to define the problem and the appropriate solution. With a plan, we have all the tasks and products (hardware and software) outlined for you and SPT to perform and deliver.

An RFID site survey to map your wireless network

Our site survey services provide the security of knowing that your system will perform for the greatest efficiency and the best coverage. Your area of operation is mapped to determine the best placement for power, locations of access points and RF readers, appropriate PDA readers and proper cabling layout. A site survey ensures smooth RFID implementations.

Most RFID applications require a little “tailoring”

As an extension of your staff, SPT can provide the technical resources to customize either your or our products to meet your data collection needs. Best of all, we give your software development dollar more power by offering the efficiencies that our experts can offer.

SPT RFID implementations assure all the parts work together

SPT validates the project and assures the RFID applications and RFID hardware are operating to the defined project plan and according to the timeline established. All software modifications are tested with sample data and hardware are configured for maximum performance and throughput. SPT’s experience and methodology guarantee successful RFID implementations.

Training on the use of the software and hardware

Your new system will run more efficiently right from the start with training. Training not only explains how and why to use the RFID solutions but helps users achieve optimal performance on the products. SPT offers both onsite and web training. Web training is always useful for new trainees or as a refresher course.