Art Tracking

RFID Art Tracking for Instant Inventory

RFID ARt Tracking Monitor securityRFID art tracking can be used for inventory not only in warehouses or factories. It can also track high-end inventory assets such as valuable works of art that require constant monitoring. We have been using cameras in galleries and storehouses to date. However, cameras do not see all and cannot report what is on hand or if someone is tampering with the inventory.

The RFID art tracking application can work with your existing cameras.  This gives you the full story of who, what, when and where. When dealing with valuable works of art a strict inventory is a must! It can greatly reduce or even eliminate any sort of theft or fraud.  Our system constantly monitors artwork and other high valued assets! Whether on display in the gallery, stored in a storeroom, or transferred offsite or sold. Alerts can be sent to anyone desired to handle the situation if any of the above happens.

Active RFID and Barcodes for Art Tracking

Specific details capture every piece of art received, and we assign an RFID Tag to each piece. We attach the tag to the artwork to ensure its security and prevent tampering. Additionally, this system enables us to track the movement of the art pieces.  The tag’s memory records all that takes place in the gallery or storehouse. It sends the information to the cloud-based solution. Active technology allows for a multitude of scenarios.

Each piece of art has a barcode assigned to it, and we assign a tag to the barcode that records everything in the back-end. We install antennas throughout the gallery to monitor the tags 24/7, 365 days a year.  Another benefit here is that gallery managers can now request art pieces for their customers from other galleries. Our state of the art inventory software enables the user to run automated counts at any moment, arming them with the knowledge of all the pieces within the company’s various locations, within a ten minute period of accuracy.

Art Track at French Galley“Sutton says that they took inventory once a month, although in reality, it was more like each quarter or semi-annually. He mentioned that there was a high error rate between what was reported and what was actually there. The French Art Network had an art tracking system developed by Silent Partner Technologies. The system uses active RFID tags and interrogators. It keeps the inventory constantly up to date and also helps protect the items from thieves.”
– Jack Sutton, Owner of the French Art Network

Theft Deterrence System

Art lovers frequently buy and sell art pieces, and the art inventory software is perfect for inventory and theft deterrence. Once an art lover purchases an art piece, they scan the barcode and remove the RFID tag, and the RFID art tracking software immediately identifies the tagged piece.

Our system saves a theft by triggering an alert and sending an email to the gallery manager if the tag is removed and the barcode is not scanned. The gallery manager can then search for the artwork based on its last known location just minutes before and determine whether it is an unauthorized removal or if the piece has been sold. The RFID tags art tracking software immediately sends an alert when a tag is removed from one piece of art and attached to another, low-cost piece in an attempt to purchase the lower piece.

Choose the RFID art tracking as it’s time to be aware, and save the priceless artwork from reaching the wrong hands.