WanderTrack – Benefits and Features

WanderTrack software is a user-friendly wander prevention solution for health care facilities that provide senior care.  This pages describes of key benefits and features of this new senior technology software:

  • Outdoor Wander Alarm, Management and Control – What is more important than providing a loved one with the quality of living they deserve in their golden years.  One of the key benefits to the SPT solution is the ability to “track” residents outdoors without the need for GPS–our solution works both indoors and outdoors.  Allowing a Resident the ability to go out for a walk, as opposed to feeling incarcerated can be done with the SPT solution suite.  In fact the outdoor underground solution can go up to 300 feet, and you can have as many of these underground antennas as you like to cover a very large area.
  •  Perimeter Based– The SPT solution allows the facility administrators to select by resident which “areas” within and/or outside the facility the resident can go to or thru.  Example: Resident A has ability to go thru the “front door” of a facility, but as soon as they go to the “driveway” where an underground or above aground antenna is situated, an alert will occur immediately.
  • Longest Range in the industry – In open space our Tags range from 450 feet to 1,700 feet.
  •  Ease of Implementation – Because of the incredible range of our technology, this means that we need far less cabling, thus eliminating much of the tedious labor and “significant costs” around running cables in various types of buildings especially older facilities.
  • Turnkey “one stop” solution – Our solution is not an old style legacy PLC system where no other system can talk to it–we provide you with the latest in Microsoft Based technology, and as such make it easy for the potential to talk to other solutions–such as Nurse Call Solutions.  Furthermore, as a “turnkey solution” our clients receive the “entire solution” including a Computer which is dedicated to this system.
  •  Support – All of our systems have a version of “log me in” software whereby we can log into the computer at any time to update, upgrade or simply provide technical support, and all this without the need of our clients to be involved.  As for technical support, we provide support 9-5PM 5 days per week.
  •  Best Battery life in the industry – One of the biggest challenges in this industry has been constant replacement of the tags due to very short battery life.  As a result of our intelligent design, we are able to get up to 5 years with our Wrist Tags and up to 10 years with our Asset Tags.
  •  Battery life notification – System is useless if the Battery is dead, as such we provide an alert to the Administrator that the Battery is nearing end of life and Tag should be replaced.
  •  Modular design of the Wrist Tag – Personal hygiene is clearly an important part of the design of the Wrist Tag, as such we allow the Administrator to select their own “wrist bands”, and replace the wrist bands as they see fit, as opposed to a permanent band which will get worn and dirty over time.
  •  Best of Breed RFID Technology – Detecting and preventing an Elderly Resident from Wandering off from their Facility and injuring themselves is a serious matter, and as such we’ve selected and use the absolute “best of breed” RFID Technology.  As an example, not only can we read thousands of Tags per second, very long battery life, but our Tags are also very industrial in fact they are IP67 Rated–in laymen’s terms this means that not only can a Resident shower with Tag, but they can also use while bathing.