Narcotics Tracking Knox Vault Integration with IntelliView

Narcotics Tracking

Narcotics Tracking. Since 1975, the Knox Company has successfully developed innovative rapid access solutions that provide fast, safe and secure entry, while minimizing damage and maximizing safety in environments that include campus safety and security.

The Knox eLock System incorporates an innovative electronic technology that provides cost-effective end-to-end access control to protect vital assets. It’s designed for maximum security and accountability, while delivering ruggedness and quality.

Drug Diversion Chart

The Problem

Drug Diversion“Drug diversion” is the tactful term used by the Drug Enforcement Agency for stealing medication. It is a misappropriation of controlled substances by providers for their own use. Controlled medications in EMS must only be used for patients in accordance with protocols. Nationwide, more than 60% of 10 drug overdoses involve an opioid, such as fentanyl or morphine. Drug addiction can affect anyone — young or old.


Medication AdministrationEMS providers commonly use opioids to treat patients in severe pain, and they can be diverted by anyone with access. Anywhere there is the administration and storage of narcotics the risk of theft is significant. While external theft is a concern, the real risk is from the people entrusted with those drugs.


Drug Diversion CostsDrug diversion costs the healthcare industry more than $70 billion per year, according to one estimate. Some researchers say as many as 10% of all medical professionals will divert drugs from their workplace at some point in their career. With the ongoing opioid addiction issues across the globe this will only get worse.



Narcotics Tracking DetectiveThe Average Hospital Is Conducting Twice As Many Investigations.

The Hospital Pharmacy Operations 2021 Report found over one-third of hospital pharmacists have ranked drug diversion software as their #1 technology initiative. It is evident that hospitals are taking the prevention and identification of drug diversion seriously. The Fire & EMS industry can take the measures even further with intelliView chain of custody for narcotics and Knox Medvault & StationVault.



Other issues are of course relevant and very important such as expired medications and narcotics tracking for utilization (shift log & run log).  Lot number recall and man hours involved are ever present. Inventory tracking, re-orders and overages due to misreported quantities whether over or under are of consideration as well.


Narcotics Tracking Currently

Most organizations are currently is using paper sheets that could be altered by anyone. Furthermore, there is no control as all employees have access to the paper sheets. This leads to no oversight/visibility, no real security. Not to mention the various forms of disposal.

The Narcotics Tracking Challenges

Tracking narcotics from cradle to grave with supporting documentation. Two factors of authentication via locks or software control. The documentation should be paperless meaning some form of software, preferably cloud based. Various forms of disposal that must have supported documentation. Lot number recall control with real-time inventory management. Expiration forward looking solution so there is enough time to manage medications and narcotics well before they expire (ie; moved to location that does more volume so the goods are used before expiration or sent back under a manufacture buy-back program).

The Narcotics Tracking Solution

Intelliview_ChartsA paperless chain of custody software. Silent Partner Technologies cloud based intelliView solution which offers chain of custody including shift logs and run logs exceeds this mandate. The shift logs provide the supporting documentation for “hand offs” of narcotics from one EMT leaving shift to another coming on shift. The run log provides the supporting documentation of narcotics utilized and narcotics “wasted” on a specific patient/run. Both shift log and run log support witnesses as well as pin logic instead of employee information.


KNOX Medvault with RFIDThe KNOX MedVault provides the hardware and manual secure, two forms of entry/authentication via locks, keypads and user logging via KNOX Connect software: tracks every time a vault is open and by who. Silent Partner Technologies provides the RFID components and the chain of custody tracking! This coupled with key information from knoxbox gives the end user a seamless integrated view of ALL pertinent data. The who, what, when and where are all captured in real time and digitally stored in a cloud based application that can be accessed from any device from anywhere in the world!

  • RFID creates real visibility of medications.
  • DEA compliant disposal company.
  • RFID enabled KNOX MedVault.
  • Real time visibility
  • Two codes to open.
  • Alerts any time a vault is opened and if a medication moves.
  • Individual identification of each medication.


Knox Station VaultNarcotics stored on-site or in rescue vehicles in a locked vault reducing exposure to legal and regulatory sanctions. Drug diversion minimized by limiting access to those with authorized PIN codes. All access recorded in an audit trail providing accountability helping to protect a department’s inventory, medical registration and licensing. The image is a KNOX StationVault which is outfitted with RFID as well.


Narcotics Tracking Solution Flow Chart

The cloud based solution coupled with the mechanical interface and security of the KNOX vaults and the RFID components create a real-time narcotics chain of custody solution. This solution checks all the boxes for DEA mandates and exceeds them! A true closed loop world class, best in breed enterprise solution that captures and stores ALL pertinent information digitally in real-time 24/7 365 as illustrated below.

Narcotics Tracking Flow Chart

Contact Us For more information or a demonstration of the narcotics tracking & chain of custody as well as other features of the software which includes at no additional cost:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • GPS Tracking (of assets and inventory based on where the item was last “read” by a reader)
  • Checklists
  • Check in/out
  • Par Levels
  • Ordering (both internal and external from the application)
  • Shift Logs
  • Run Logs
  • Service Module
  • Calendar for scheduling
  • Reports (Standard, query based)
  • Report Writer (for building custom reports)
  • And more


what clients are saying


Florida Dept of Health

Thank you for the examples of your system. It looks to be more than sufficient. As long as it is secure and can be easily tracked without room for tampering it should be fine. Which most of the commercial electronic systems take care of. Thank you for your attention in this matter. It makes all of our jobs easier when we work together and communicate.


Silent Partner Technologies