Mobile Asset Tracking

Portable Long Range RFID Kit for Mobile Asset Tracking

Is a portable RFID tracking system For You?

The changes in technology have made it possible for us to technically handle almost all the tasks single-handedly. With the portable long range, and the RFID kit for mobile asset tracking business owners can now take a breather as it can help them ease out the problem on managing large assets and inventory. The application is a perfect solution for those who need to track assets and take inventory in the harshest environments and long inventory. This system helps to find inventory/ equipment/ assets in large areas without the need of deploying an expensive RFID real-time locating system.

Save Time and Money with RFID Technology

At Silent Partner Technologies, we believe time is money and when you are running a business you need it all at hand. With this system in place, the inventory is done in minutes or instantly verses to days when done manually.

PDA with reader for web based asset tracking


Why choose RFID Tracking System?

Well, you save time, money with the RFID tracking system. This mobile system can be used as a standalone product or could be a part of our IntelliView™ cloud-based solutions such as EMS, construction, utility and equipment tracking solutions.

The working is pretty simple and the results are super quick as this product can be used to find assets or valuable equipment that has been tagged with the active RFID tags. Just enter the item you wish to find and the solution will guide you to a series of visible and audible cues. The IntelliView™ portion of the application is web-based asset management software. Combining the Mobile asset tracking with portable reader and the IntelliView™ and you are simply moving to managing hundreds of assets, fixed or mobile potentially hundred feet in just minutes.

The RFID tracking system works for your benefit when tracking high-value assets across large areas such as:

  • It works with ease when finding items across, a large enterprise such as a manufacturing unit.
  • Managing and locating assets/ equipment in large university campuses.

The Mobile asset tracking is what we suggest as it offers ease and speed of taking an RFID inventory with absolutely no hands being used. Among other benefits, it offers far greater accuracy and visibility value of assets and equipment across the entire enterprise.

There is a reduction in the overall carry cost because of the better inventory accuracy, increased productivity as the problem is caught directly and the resource time for tracking inventory now no longer takes hours or days.

It is instant. This is why a portable RFID tracking system is perfect for you.


Person usinf mobile RFID asset tracking application

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