Smart Key Narcotics Logging for Chain of Custody

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Smart Key, How do we do it?

Smart Key by Silent Partner Technologies combines characteristics of a mechanical lock and electronic lock, it consists of a lock body and a lock cylinder. Passive means that the lock body has no power supply, and electronic means the intelligent electronic lock core. When the electronic key is inserted into the lock cylinder, the electronic lock cylinder is powered by the key, and the dynamic key verification is performed, and the key is turned at the same time to open the lock.

Security Features

The passive electronic lock has a unique ID code, plus three levels of password authority management + dynamic key, anti-copy protection technology unlock, layer management, intelligent and efficient.

The Smart key system focuses on the safety work of transmission and distribution network operation, applies intelligent electronic key, cooperates with high security intelligent passive electronic lock, guarantees on-site operation safety, improves operation efficiency, and realizes safety information management of distribution network operation. Data integration can effectively eliminate information silos, solve the uniqueness of data and future application extension.

Smart Key Management System is an application of IoT/Internet technology, electronic key encryption technology and wireless communication technology. It uses intelligent passive electronic locks and intelligent electronic keys as the core components, and combines the actual needs of various industries to design passive scenes.

The Smart key management platform software adopts the B/S architecture. Through wired or wireless (remote) authorization. The active electronic key performs information verification and password verification according to the management authority.  The passive lock completes the operation of the switch lock. An electronic key can open multiple locks according to the management authority, and also has the function of storing the switch lock record.

The smart locks come in a variety of styles and can be incorporated into just about any lock scenario. The image to the left is of a smart lock for a cabinet. The same data is captured as well in this configuration. As someone enters the cabinet the entry, user, success/fail are all recorded.
The variety of locks and keys account for almost any lock configuration. All smart enabled to log information and can be retrieved by an administrator. Key & Lock Collage


Key Lock Actions Authorization Management

  • The system performs different types of authorization based on user roles.
  • Key management: the operator is bound with the key to prevent the security risks caused by lost keys or loans. The administrator can authorize the key according to time (accurately to minute), by number of times, by area, etc. The key has functions such as opening door information storage and low power prompt.
  • Important messages are pushed to designated or all apps in time


Complex case, one platform

  • Achieve unified management of various types of door locks in passive scenarios.
  • Achieve security protection of on-site facilities.



  • System real-time online record switch lock information.
  • Working site inspection and alarm.
  • Alarm information is uploaded to the management platform through APP synchronization.
  • Record can be queried


System Security

  • The administrator sets the system user, and the legitimate system user the can login the system after authentication.
  • The data transmission of APP and system background uses AES128 bit encryption algorithm to ensure the security of data during transmission.
  • If the authorized key is lost, the loss and blacklist settings can be processed in the background to ensure that the lost key cannot work


Wireless real-time data sharing

  • Establish real-time interaction requirements between the job site and the management center, and be online in real time. The live information is transmitted back to the management center in real time.

High security performance intelligent lock management

  • Using intelligent terminals, it is easy to manage and cooperate with high-security locks to realize the safe management of smart door locks and cabinet locks.

Equipment and facilities inspection, defect management and maintenance

  • APP not only realizes the remote authority switch lock, but also realizes the inspection work of power equipment. facilities, discovers defects in time, records, reports and maintains and eliminates in time, in order to realizes intelligent management of equipment and facilities.

One-click alarm, timely reporting and deployment

  • Emergency information and photos are uploaded in real time. The management center knows the emergency information in time, deploys it in time, and processes it in time.
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