Polk County Fire Rescue Starts Using RFID Inventory Tracking

Polk County Fire Rescue will begin adding radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to its product offerings soon, which will prove critical for inventory tracking. The breakthrough technology will provide real-time inventory location and also save between $20,000 to $30,000 a month on logistics monitoring. Polk County Fire Rescue is continuously upgrading […]


Columbia County Fire Rescue

Columbia County Fire Rescue uses RFID for inventory and asset control

Columbia County Fire Rescue   Columbia County Fire Rescue Services has one of the fastest growing populations in northern central Florida.  This growth has fueled the need for 8 stations and increased the number of capital assets to over 1,500.  The job of keeping track of these assets was also […]

RFID Journal Industry Track – IntelliView Solution for Healthcare

Senior TLC is a PACE program located in Gastonia, North Carolina we are 1 of 12 PACE programs in NC. Our service area includes all of Gaston County, and parts of Lincoln and Cleveland County. PACE stands for program for all inclusive care of the elderly. PACE programs are classified […]

Silent Partner Technologies IntelliVan™ Solution

Silent Partner Technologies of Tampa, Florida has released its latest edition of IntelliVan™, a true 24/7 inventory tracking solution that provides real-time visibility of valuable assets within a variety of service vehicles—such as Fire Rescue, EMS, Police, Utility, to name a few. The automated solution through the use of RFID technology […]

Utility Services Company Tracks Tools with RFID

Pike Corp. aims to reduce the cost of tool replacement and ensure the right tools are on the right work site”Tracks Tools with RFID”, thanks to an automated RFID- and GPS-based system from Silent Partner Technologies. When electric utility vehicles travel to construction or maintenance sites, they carry thousands of […]