Mobile Medical Unit Brings loT-enabled Clinic to Communities, Hospitals – Part 2

At the heart of the wireless system is Silent Partner’s AP 1000 active 433 MHz RFD reader with cellular connectivity and GPS functionality, as well as passive readers featuring a JADAK ThingMagic nano-module and Keonn Technologies antennas to track UHF RFID-tagged items or badges or wristbands. Zebra Technologies’ 8500 handheld […]

Smart Technology For Smart Inventory Management

Keeping a real-time track of inventory and its management is a very complex operation without having the right kind technology support for it. For most needs, manual stock-taking or barcode assisted tracking technology would do, but in situations where an organization has to handle medical or fire breakout emergencies and […]

RIFD tracking technology

Fire Fighting and EMS Management Exhibition By SPT

RFID TO THE RESCUE How RFID is Revolutionizing Fire Fighting and EMS Management First responders are some of the most important people in our communities.Their hard work can be the difference between life and death, so they need to be equipped to do their job and save lives at every […]

Polk County Fire Rescue Starts Using RFID Inventory Tracking

Polk County Fire Rescue will begin adding radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to its product offerings soon, which will prove critical for inventory tracking. The breakthrough technology will provide real-time inventory location and also save between $20,000 to $30,000 a month on logistics monitoring. Polk County Fire Rescue is continuously upgrading […]