RFID Equipment Tracking

RFID Equipment Tracking Solutions

RFID Equipment Tracking. A business as we talk about the importance of keeping an accurate asset inventory. Which is something that holds its solidarity. SPT’s IntelliView is a cloud based RFID and barcode equipment tracking application. The Solution provides real-time RFID inventory management. It brings worldwide visibility of your equipment to execute informed decisions by using IntelliView to track:

  • Fixed Asset financial reporting
  • Equipment maintenance scheduling
  • Efficient asset utilization, redeployment and retirement
  • Capture accurate equipment locations
  • Increase workforce productivity


SPT IntelliView™: The Easy, Efficient and Affordable RFID Equipment Tracking System


RFID Equipment Tracking System

SPT’s RFID equipment tracking solution offers a high performance asset tracking system. The solution affords the user a smooth exact management for unique tracking operations. We have always had positive feedback for our work, our clients consider it a best in breed inventory software! IntelliView offers powerful highly configurable options that ensure fast, accurate fulfillment through directed optimized workflow. Utilizing the most advanced wireless network the RFID equipment tracking solution is a packaged product. Therefore, implementation is a fraction of the time as compared to other generic tracking systems.


RFID Tracking of High Value Equipment Assets

SPT tracking software was specifically designed for tracking high value loaned or rented equipment. We insure your high value equipment is securely tracked from the date you place it into service, through the date you sell or retire it from your equipment inventory.


Tracking at Multiple Locations with Quick Physical Counts

Physical inventory counting takes a significant time and resources but with our RFID technology we offer quick and right count of all your assets by location and overall in the operation. We use the latest in mobile computing, RFID, and bat coding scanning technology, SPT’s IntelliView RFID equipment tracking solutions that help to keep up the account of your company’s circulating high value assets within the organization, at the customer’s location etc.


Check out the video below for an overview!