Fire Department Inventory Management with intelliView

Inventory Management for Fire and EMS Overview

FireFire department inventory management helps keep everything in check. Fire & EMS agencies are on their toes 24/7! With that they need to keep track of a wide range of equipment and operation information.

Why do you need our Intelliview™ cloud based solution? Firstly it comprises a web-based asset and inventory management application. Add one or more of our RFID readers coupled with RFID tags or barcode labels, and it becomes a fool proof perfect way to track inventory and asset management for the fire department.

The solution tracks every aspect of the inventory and assets such as out of service equipment, medical and station supplies, expiration dates, narcotics and maintenance details. Intelliview™ does much more that just inventory and asset tracking.

Seamlessly integrated web-based modules offer complete fire department solutions for all aspects of daily tasks.
“I am very excited about this emerging technology that will allow for real time monitoring of our equipment. This should enhance our service delivery to be more reliable and ready to respond with all needed equipment. This should also allow for real time auditing.”Our flexible and modular design enables fire, rescue, and EMS agencies to use it regardless of size and number of locations.-Timothy Nicholson, Seminole County Fire Department

Track Your Rescue Units and Fire Engines Readiness – The RFID Solution

Fire and EMS Asset TrackingThe Intelliview™ software and RFID hardware are a must in this fast-paced environment where efficiency and organization are critical. The worry about not being prepared with the right equipment for an emergency situation or accident is removed.

Fire rescue and EMS units have a wide range of equipment at their disposal. Tracking and caring for all that with pen and paper is a major challenge. But with Intelliview™ managing all the equipment and the supplies becomes automated and will ultimately save the time and money of the employees.

What makes it possible is a comprehensive RFID solution that track every last first aid kit, stretcher and ambulance in the department. Intelliview™ tracks each item by its current location, whether it’s on a shelf or in a vehicle. When you leave the station, our system confirms that your unit or engine is ready for that emergency or incident. And when it leaves the scene its doing so with ALL the inventory and assets it arrived with!


Fire Department Inventory Management – Reduce Costly Inventory Errors and Save Time

The solution tracks all items, even consumable items such as light bulbs, or first-aid kits. Real-Time tracking help reduce shrinkage and allocate resources in the most efficient way such as:

  • Keeping an accurate count of stock items and know exactly when to reorder.
  • Use a hand held computer or PDA to scan products as when they arrive.
  • RFID and barcode are used to track who is using something, where it’s being used, and how much is left.

Intelliview™ informs in advance using email or SMS alerts. These alerts can be for a range of actions such as items expiring or low quantities. Virtually any action item can alert on, even defining specific exceptions or happenings that trigger the alert. It ensures that you do not spend hours of your shift keeping track of all the inventory. When you use RFID, it reduces the entire inventory management process to minutes, allowing you to spend time on more important administrative duties. The solution provides real-time tracking from any location.

Fire Department Inventory Management – Inventory and equipment physicals are no longer an issue

Cradle to grave Fire Department Inventory Management is what needs to happen in your organization. With RFID and the real-time tracking it affords the client the process goes from very labor intensive to a few minutes daily. Automatic reporting, real time charts of what is happening organization wide are at your fingertips. Using a hand held computer or fixed reader to scan the RFID tagged products and equipment when they arrive. Who is using them, where they’re being used, and how much is left are kept track of.

IntelliView™ Will Help You Stop Losing Equipment

The rotational inventory capabilities within Intelliview™ enables you to manage shared equipment. It lets you know exactly who has borrowed the piece of equipment, where it is presently located and on what day it is due back. It also allows you to maintain a history of who has used the equipment! The solution records any changes made to equipment status, such as maintenance activity or any other important information, electronically. Users can view these records live or export them in a variety of ways. You can view these records live or export them in a variety of ways.

Whenever an employee takes equipment, the system records it in a check in/out. The system immediately creates a record, which can later be used as a reference in case there is a requirement on the piece of equipment. Intelliview™ provides accountability and efficiency in the fire department inventory management.  The old method of pen and paper is time consuming as well as difficult to keep track of. Let intelliView do the work for you!