IntelliView™ For Fire and EMS Applications


Tampa, Florida — August 11, 2014 —

Fire and EMS . Silent Partner Technologies™ (SPT™) leader in RFID Technology, announced its latest product line specifically for Fire and EMS organizations—IntelliView™, and IntelliShelf™ further extending its Asset and Inventory Management system for Fire and EMS organizations.

Recently SPT™ won a prestigious contract to provide complete Asset and Inventory management for the City of Ft. Lauderdale Fire Department—one of the busiest Stations in the US. According to the organization, one of the key reasons for selecting the SPT™ product line is its comprehensive approach to solving the department’s complete needs within one application, and doing it with the latest technology including both Passive and Active RFID.

“The City of Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue Department is constantly striving to advance in updated equipment and technologies to enhance daily operations and overall accountability with all Department (City) assets. Through the use of RFID technology the Department will enhance Fire Logistics operations in regards to all supplies and equipment utilized. Fire Operations will utilize the technology to enhance ordering, restock and inventory checks. This new technology is accurate and reduces time frames drastically compared to actual physical counts that had to be conducted on a routine basis”

— says Cris Dietz, Battalion Chief City of Ft. Lauderdale Fire & Rescue.

The updated solution combines a variety of applications (Inventory Management, Asset Management, Service, Readiness, IntelliShelf™, and IntelliVan™) all into one comprehensive system which manages Inventory—both serialized (such as narcotics), and non-serialized such as general station supplies (paper, mops, brooms, etc.). Furthermore, regarding Inventory, the system uses “smart shelf” (IntelliShelf™) technology thus removing the need for any human interaction.

Adoption of the innovative system by the City of Ft Lauderdale’s fire-rescue department demonstrates how other Fire & EMS organizations can reap the benefits of specific/custom RFID asset and inventory management processes and tools. IntelliView™ will enable clients to have far greater visibility of their Assets and Inventory, thus improving their productivity, carrying costs, and providing a far better audit trail of each and every transaction.

Additionally EMS clients will get focused solutions to track equipment, temperature of various compartments, tamper alerts if drug compartments or kits are opened, better visibility of staff members and better visibility of supplies and their use.

Lifesaving equipment needs constant monitoring, and medical providers need to track drug supplies, equipment, temperature within a compartment or an ambulance, and availability of assets for mobile and in-house procedures. Medical responders, disaster-relief companies, and other industries face increasingly complex logistical situations whereby not having the “right equipment” on a call can prove catastrophic. This is where the “real-time”—all the time visibility of “mission critical” assets is essential and big part of the SPT solution suite.

“The solutions will offer much more than just Asset Management“

says Ted Kostis — President of SPT™.

“The goal is to offer “real-time” on the spot “visibility” to anyone who is using the system. The driver of the Ambulance will know before he/she leaves for a scene or is coming back from a scene whether or not all of his/her assets such as a Defibrillator is still in the vehicle, or maybe their running low on certain drugs or a compartment is getting too hot — no driver should ever leave for a scene without all of the required lifesaving equipment”.

Notes to Editors:

Silent Partner Technologies™ is an independent best of breed provider of various RFID technologies and solutions. The company’s ongoing value proposition is to provide the “right solution for the specific problem”.

Clients include Seminole County, Polk County, City of Ft. Lauderdale, Hess, Mitre.

IntelliView™ technology will be demonstrated by SPT™ at the IAFC FRI Conference 13-16 August 2014. Visit Stand 5232 to see the system that has been modeled specifically to address the everyday operational needs of fire stations and EMS organizations; thereby saving taxpayers 1000’s of dollars and leaving First Responders to do what they’re best at…saving lives!

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