Fire & EMS Asset and Inventory Management

Fire & EMS Asset and Inventory Management

Keep Track Of All Fire Rescue Assets On The Go

On one device track all assets


State of the Art Technology for

Fire Fighting and EMS Management

  1. Real-time track, locate any asset
  2. No need for inventory search, scan or counts
  3. Keep life-saving supplies well stocked
  4. Stay on top of equipment maintenance & servicing
  5. Stay updated with real-time alerts
  6. Anytime, anywhere, view inventory via the cloud
  7. 100% safe and secure
  8. User friendly, save Costs and precious Time

Fire Departments Are All Excited With Amazing
Animaze IntelliView™ Results

A terrific application that has helped my organisation to always remain well organised, track all our assets anytime from anywhere. It has helped to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Intellimas has made a great contribution and brought about much change.

Clients Using Silent Partner Technologies™ RFID Applications

  • South Metro Fire Rescue Authority
  • Bonita Fire Department
  • Ft. Lauderdale Fire Department
  • Polk County Fire & Rescue

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