Asset Tracking For EMS

EMS Asset & Inventory TrackingAsset Tracking For EMS with SPT IntelliView™

If you need an RFID asset tracking for EMS solution, then intelliView from Silent Partner Technologies is the perfect solution! When it comes to managing EMS  equipment and supplies we have the right product for you. Our solution specifically designs for EMS supplies as well as emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks. Intelliview™, the perfect inventory tool, works seamlessly for asset tracking for EMS and medical supplies inventory, which tracks in real-time. Installing our system will eliminate all the missing essential equipment or supplies in any emergency situations.

The Asset Tracking for EMS RFID Solution


SPT offers Intelliview™, a simple and user-friendly system that any emergency service provider can easily use. Intelliview™ assigns a unique number to an asset using an RFID tag. Clients can conveniently access all the information through a web-based browser from any device with an internet connection. The RFID Readers read and update the database in real-time 24/7, 365 days a year, so the system practically runs itself.

Ems inventory management or whether your ambulances are re-stocked and ready to go should not be a worry for you. The real-time feature answers questions like the ones mentioned above and many more quickly and accurately. Regardless of whether you’re a one station operation or 100 stations, the operating principle remains the same. The solution scales totally, regardless of the size and number of items to be tracked.


Features of SPT IntelliView™ for EMS

We designed this system to meet the needs of any emergency service, mobile units in particular where access to equipment can mean the difference between life and death. The below features of the system will give you as a client in knowing it better and why you need to choose it.

  • Information at your fingertips: It is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere in the world from any mobile device with a browser.
  • Granular data in real-time: The SPT readers continually scan RFID tags to provide real-time data. Simple color code indicators allow the end user to easily and quickly determine if all is well or if something is amiss. The system can customize the alerts for any event type, including missing items, wrong location, expirations, incomplete checklists, narcotics tracking, and more.
  • Working smarter: Real-time inventory and cloud-based information at your fingertips! The “Seeker” application is a feature that makes finding items a fraction of the time of what it currently takes!
  • Real-time Asset & Inventory visibility: We designed the solution with asset visibility in mind, keeping in mind that spreadsheets are still available but in the form of reports included or custom designed by the end user. The end user has visual cues as well as information at their fingertips. A simple graphical overview (key performance indicators) is available within the solution that shows the “heartbeat” of your solution at the touch of a button. Graphical view enhances the usability of the application when there is a need to make quick decisions.

Looking Forward

Silent Partner Technologies continues to enhance its work and develop more options for Intelliview™ for EMS. Depending on the services your company specifically offers you might be interested in integrated solutions such as:

  • Consumable inventory management
  • Smart Cabinet technology especially for controlling a drug inventory or other high value or high-risk assets
  • Active Security Seal Type Tags can notify you when someone opens a compartment.
  • Seeker utility to find lost assets in your facility or vehicles
  • Emergency alerts in the form of an email, or texts on predetermined changes to status

No matter how basic or sophisticated you need the EMS asset management, we offer tailored solutions based on your needs.



IntelliView™ for EMSBenefits of IntelliView™ Asset Tracking for EMS

SPT™ understands the need for immediate, accurate information in the world of emergency services. In a high-risk situation, it is not advisable to search for equipment or discover that exposure to heat has compromised the effectiveness of your drug supply in the middle of a response. You do not need any surprises when you are coping with a critical incident.

IOT Through Active RFID Technology

Besides letting you know the location and availability of equipment and supplies, IntelliView™ for EMS also has the capacity to tell you the condition of these items. Examples of the kind of information that could be available as alerts are:

  • Fluctuation in temperature outside a predetermined range for designated supplies or compartments
  • Unauthorized opening of, or tampering with containers for supplies, including pharmaceuticals
  • Track calibration, repair, or restock equipment and supplies that have been depleted or used.
  • Need for inventory check on drug kits
  • Missing equipment or supplies

The SPT™ IntelliView™ for Emergency Medical Services can be customized to the specific needs and instructions of the service provider. For example, you might have a system administrator watching for alerts to problems or you might set up a system of email alerts for certain dangerous situations.

Support Service for IntelliView™ for EMS

SPT™ is a full service company, not just a supplier of products. We begin with choosing the right professionals to work on your project. The complexity of asset tracking for EMS requires a knowledgeable subject matter expert in addition to technical staff. SPT is always open to working with other suppliers to ensure you have the most appropriate hardware for your operations.

We design and develop the solution, install and test it, and then conduct the necessary training. We do not leave you until your EMS staff is comfortable and confident in using all the features for asset tracking and management. After that, we are available to answer follow-up questions and give advice.

Our success depends on your success. Our excellent SPT™ customer service supports our RFID asset management solutions.