Silent Partner Technologies And Confidex Use RFID Asset Management To Help Seminole County, Florida

Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) has been a leader in RFID asset management for years, helping businesses simplify their inventory process. Confidex produces the RFID tags which have made an appearance in countless industrial and technological companies.

Recently, these two innovators of technology teamed up to help Seminole County in Florida find a more resourceful way to keep up with their inventory. For the local government of Seminole County, as with so many others, RFID asset management was the solution.

RFID, or Radio Frequency IDentification, is similar to bar codes or the metal strip on your credit cards. However, unlike these, RFID can work without having to touch the scanner. For example, if grocery stores used RFID you would be able to put your groceries together and have them scanned simultaneously, possibly even from the back of the line. RFID eliminates the need for bar code scanning and keyboard data entry.

Using the RFID asset tracking technology, Seminole County was able to organize $90 million worth of inventory, from firefighting equipment to office electronics. This equipment was spread over 130 different locations across the county, but SPT located and tagged over 10,000 items with a specified organizational process.

This more effective solution to inventory tracking will aid in the smooth execution of many aspects of county matters. It will positively affect road construction and repair, fire and rescue, and the police department. Less time and energy will be used for inventory and more time and energy will be available for issues important to the public.

Confidex provided the EPC Gen2 RFID tags which worked best for the specific items to be tracked. The tags are designed to withstand washing and other regular wear on the inventory, so they will not have to be replaced for the life of the item. They can be scanned from as far as twenty feet away to make the inventory process simpler as well as quicker.

The SPT method will generate regular reports of the inventory, allowing the county to know what needs to be replaced or moved, and what needs to be sold or donated. This method will help make more resourceful spending habits for the county in the long run. Other SPT innovations involve a web-based assets tracking system which allows the user on-demand tracking of the inventory.

Silent Partners Technologies is world-renowned for its RFID asset management abilities. The company not only sets up the management program; they also help their customers maintain the system. Clients include BMW, Home Depot, Michelin, and Wal-Mart.

Confidex produces RFID technology which has been used for automatic vehicle identification, industrial processes, and for making public transportation more effective through contactless ticketing. Confidex is associated with the Automotive Industry Action Group and the International Association of Public Transportation.