RFID Asset Management Leader Silent Partner Technologies

Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) was able to provide an RFID asset management solution for Seminole County, Florida. With a $90 million inventory of 10,000 items scattered across 130 locations, the county placed its confidence in SPT’s integrated solution. The advanced technology replaced the traditional manual inventory which was both labor intensive and unreliable.

SPT partnered with Confidex to make sure that the correct Confidex state-of-the-art EPC Gen 2 tag(s) were selected along with the proper “attachment method” (including proper adhesives).  Once the solution was properly tested, then all assets worth more than $1,000 dollars were tagged and validated thru the SPT process. The final up-to-date list of assets ranged from firefighting gear and road building equipment to generators and office electronics. The SPT solution includes both PDA (batch and forward process) and Fixed Readers for more of a “Real Time” update–or both.  The results of these counts are then used to generate reports which will identify discrepancies such as missing, relocated, or underused items. The system provides the county with the information it needs to make decisions about retiring, archiving, donating, procuring, or moving assets for a more efficient operation.As a world leader in developing, manufacturing, and installing integrated RFID tracking applications, SPT is well positioned to provide the right set of tools essential for asset management. Each solution is tailored to the needs of the customer, taking into account the various RFID Technologies/Frequencies/Standards, the customers environment, the customers needs, and most importantly their budget.SPT offers a full range of RFID applications starting with a basic PDA Asset Tracking  Solution.  A unique RFID tag is attached to each asset. Details about the asset and its location are transmitted wirelessly to become part of a browser based database. The information can be collected with a mobile (PDA) RFID reader while an employee is passing through a warehouse, offices, garage, or an equipment depot. Asset managers can view, edit, or print data from any desk top or mobile computer with an internet connection.

For companies requiring a more robust solution, SPT can deploy their enterprise web based asset tracking system–including mapping, Active RFID technology, and much more. Such a solution captures data “real time all the time” and provides tools to maximize operational efficiencies. Options for coordinating delivery schedules, routing, preventive maintenance, and inventory control for one location or for many sites across the globe are included.

SPT understands that RFID Based Tracking is the most efficient method for collecting real time information about the status of all assets and inventory. There are significant savings when the technology is properly used.  There’s no longer a need to waste valuable time trying to locate equipment, tools, and/or other valuable assets.  Customers can rely on SPT’s experience and valued partners–such as Confidex, to deliver the “right solution”.