WanderTrack – Wander Prevention

A Tool for Wander Prevention, Wander management and Wander Control

WanderTrack software is a user-friendly wander prevention solution for wander management and resident tracking RFID application.  The RFID applications which provide administrators with peace of mind while still providing their residents with the quality of life and dignity they deserve.  After many years of research Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) has incorporated a variety of technologies into one “modular and expandable solution” which addresses most if not all of the demanding requirements of resident tracking and resident safety. Following are the  key high-level features and benefits of this new senior technology software.  Read more details about WanderTrack benefits and features.

  • Outdoor Wander Alarm, Management and Control
  • Perimeter Based
  • Longest Range in the Industry
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Turnkey “One Stop”  Solution
  •  Support
  • Best Battery Life in the Industry
  • Battery Life Indication
  • Modular Design of the Wristband
  • Best of Breed RFID Technology
  • Patented Fall Prevention Process
  •  Alerts
  • Numerous Monitoring devices 
  • Tracking of Assets

WanderTrack is ideal for various senior care providers such as  an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility, or a hospital.  The RFID wander alarm, wander management and wander control RFID applications are right for you and your budget. Read more details about WanderTrack benefits and features.