RFID Asset Tracking

RFID Asset Tracking

If you simply need to know where your assets are, then our IntelliView™ RFID asset tracking solution is for you. Designed with simplicity in mind, the web based asset tracking application is very simple to use, but very powerful. The application is browser based thus you can view, edit, print from any computer or a GPS enabled mobile telephone as long as you have an Internet connection. With our web based RFID tracking system you don’t have to worry about loading CD’s, you don’t have to worry about purchasing PC’s to support the application, you don’t have to worry about constantly “maintaining” databases, or updating the application across 20 or 30 PC’s or hand-held PDA readers.

RFID and Barcodes for Web Based Asset Tracking

As each asset is received in the receiving area or warehouse, specific details of the piece are entered into a database and assigned to an RFID tag encoded with a pre-encoded number. The tag is attached to the asset either permanently or with Velcro depending on the length of ownership and tracking time. Optionally, each asset can be assigned a bar code that is specifically assigned to a tag and recorded in the back-end database. Antennae installed throughout the monitoring area ensure that the web based asset tracking and inventory is recorded every ten minutes, six times an hour, providing the users with extremely accurate real-time inventory data. Asset managers can use IntelliView™ to query asset of interet’s position within a company’s various locations, with real-time accuracy, because the RFID tracking system enables its user to run automated inventory counts continuously throughout the day.

Unlike other products, our IntelliView asset tracking solutions utilizes the “best of breed” approach as it pertains to data capture, such as Passive UHF GEN2 Short Range RFID, Active (battery powered) Long Range RFID (both fixed and portable), combinations of GPS and RFID, and of-course we also support all bar code symbologies. But best of all, our RFID services provide you with a single source for a successful RFID asset tracking solution.

RFID Solutions That Fits Your Budget

Best of all, IntelliView™ is typically sold as a subscription web service so our clients do not have to write a large check in order to use our RFID application, but rather a reasonable monthly, quarterly, or annual service fee.

Handheld PDA for short range RFID asset trackingUHF – Short Range RFD RFID PDA for long range asset trackingActive Long Range RFID RFID asset tracking using GPSLong Range RFID with GPS