RFID Art Tracking Solution Monitors Valuable Art in Real-time


RFID Art Tracking solution by Silent Partner Technologies.  These success stories address successful projects. Companies that benefited from our RFID Solutions and RFID/Barcode automated data collection technologies.

RFID Art Tracking SolutionClient Asset Tracking Issue

French Art Networks is a collection of family-owned fine-art stores located throughout “The Big Easy.”  The gallery network maintains and sells valuable works of art. These works of art require constant monitoring for movement and sales.

Using a camera network for surveillance is the common method for monitoring items. Cameras can not see all, nor can they report what is on hand, or if something is tampered with.

To upkeep inventory, art items had human readable tags which were not always input into the system.  These stages include receiving, storing, displaying, and final sales updates.  Needless to say, inventory was basically non existent. Physical inventories where semi annual and sales opportunities were lost due to misplaced items.  There were also many instances of theft by intentionally replace labels on more expensive articles.

Silent Partner Technologies RFID Art Tracking Solution

The French Art Network and SPT implemented a RFID Art Tracking Solution that uses RFID tags and interrogators to continuously updated inventory.  As each new article of art is received at the main warehouse and distribution center, the asset information is entered into the database. An RFID tag with its pre-encoded number is associated with the artwork to relate database information throughout the life of the asset.

The inventory database is web-based. It is refreshed every ten minutes so that an up-to-date inventory list is made available upon inquiry. When the art item is sold, the RFID tag is disassociated from item and marked as sold from the database.

The tags are also tamper proof and announce via email or audible alarm any events, The events may indicate a tag being disturbed without a sale being recorded.  The RFID application software also tracks the locations of tagged art pieces as they move from one gallery location to another. Based on each piece’s tag being read by a reader at each location the operator knows in real time where the art is. Art is often moved between the stores throughout a normal business day as customers make requests to view particular pieces.

Results of the RFID Art Tracking Solution

With the RFID asset tracking application installed. The French Art Network is complementing its camera system with an all encompassing “true real-time” asset management/theft deterrent system. They now enjoy the benefits of real time inventory control that has greatly reduced theft. Artwork and other high valued assets are constantly monitored/identified. Whether on display in the gallery, stored in the storeroom, transferred offsite, or sold they are monitored.  Ultimately, the system’s benefits have increased revenue and improved customer service.


Client Testimonial

“Now that Silent Partner Technologies implemented a system for The French Art Network that uses active RFID tags and interrogators, our inventory is constantly up to date, while also helping to protect the items from thieves.”

Jack Sutton
Owner of the French Art Network