Fire Station Equipment Tracking with RFID for Real Time Inventory

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Fire Station Equipment Tracking with RFID for Real Time Inventory

Fire Station Equipment Tracking for real time inventory brings the future forward. Every fire station must maintain accurate management of apparatus inventory. That is necessary for the delivery of essential services and to maximize safety for the community and its members. It is essential that all fire trucks and EMS vehicles are equipped to regulation. And that they are stocked with the correct apparatus, equipment and consumables as it responds to incidents.

Equipment is continuously being inspected and placed in or out of active status.  To complicate matters, apparatuses are also being exchanged between various other fire houses. This was accomplished through daily manual inspection, documentation, weekly reporting, and biannual updates. Manual audits and inventory are prone to error and took up valuable time away from the staff.  To assure 100% preparedness, Lake County Fire Department decided to automate Fire Station Equipment Tracking with RFID for Real Time Inventory.

Silent Partner Technologies RFID Solution

Lake County Fire department chose the Silent Partner RFID tracking system.  Using a combination of RFID and barcoding, all equipment is maintained in the station’s database.  Critical equipment and kits have an RFID tag affixed to them and then are associated with the specific item data in the computer.

The station is wired with interrogators (RFID readers) at strategic locations.  As items are transported in and out of the fire house, the readers detect movement and record the most current location.  Vehicles and entry ways also contain readers.  As ambulances or engines leave the station, all critical data are confirmed as being associated with that vehicle.  Any missing item can be quickly rectified to assure readiness.

Results of Fire Station Equipment Tracking

RFID and bar coding technologies with the real-time inventory software have provided Lake County Fire Department with the ability to respond to incidents with the guarantee that each vehicle is fully equipped for the emergency.  Station staff are no longer spending hours taking inventory or searching for equipment.  The system tells them where the items are located and what their current operating status is.

Client Comment

“The Silent Partner Technologies RFID inventory system has met all of our equipment and consumable inventory requirements. We can now respond to incidents and be 100% assured that our vehicles are ready.  We are eager to build on the success of the first site until all 20 fire stations are equipped with the system. ”

John Jolliff
Deputy Fire Chief, Lake County, FL