RFID Forklift Safety from Silent Partner Technologies

RFID Forklift safety is a liability issue that large warehousing operations must constantly follow and resolve. With our fast paced “need it now” mindset, we sometimes move a little too fast and certainly in an area where forklifts are used, it can be very dangerous. Carrying large loads can sometimes obstruct vision or reading information from a screen on a forklift computer can deter an operator’s attention for just a few seconds.   All these normal operations can be hazardous to by-standing employees.  As such Silent Partner Technologies has developed an RFID safety tool to alert employees of an an oncoming  forklift.  This is a must have for anyone concerned about Forklift Safety.

RFID Forklift Safety use in warehouse with forklift computer
RFID Warehouse and Forklift Computer

The solution is effortless to implement, and requires no IT support.   The system is made up of three components: the Silent Partner Technologies  RFID reader and its associated RFID tags, along with the appropriate light which is selected by user.  The RFID readers and tags are user configure-able for each and every unique “zone”/””area””, and installation is  very simple.  Essentially as forklifts near an area, the lights will alert any passer by immediately thus preventing a potential harm.

If you’re looking to improve your Safety Standards, then this RFID Forklift solution is for you.