RFID applications

Software that uses RFID as a data collection medium.

MITRE Tracks Tools and Equipment with Passive and Active RFID

The MITRE Corporation is a not-for-profit organization chartered to work in the public interest.  The company had an ongoing problem with tracking and locating very expensive lab equipment, such as oscilloscopes, used in their lab facilities by scientists and engineers.  Once taken from a central repository, the equipment would often […]

RFID equipment tool tracking


RFID Equipment & Tool Tracking – Critical To Improve Bottom Line of a Company

Radio frequency identification ( RFID) equipment tool tracking refers to the use of radio waves to identify and track equipment or objects. The data from the equipment is transferred through radio waves to a reader for the purpose of locating the object. It is possible to read some RFID tags […]

Guardian Angel HDR3

Wander Management Solutions for Assisted Living Facilities

People with Alzheimer’s and other conditions which affect the memory have a tendency to wander away from their homes or the assisted care facilities in which they are living. This is called elopement, and it is a real problem for those who are providing care to such patients. The development […]

SPT Offers The Only Sure Asset Protection Management Systems for Art Dealers!

Display, storage, transfer and location are all important facets to be considered when high-priced museum and gallery art pieces are being dealt with, and nobody knows this more than Ted Kostis, President of Silent Partner Technologies, who has recently been commissioned to custom-tailored made an art inventory and protection system […]

RFID ARt Tracking Monitor security