RFID Tracking for Art Asset Managers and Collectors!

RFID Tracking

RFID Tracking. Silent Partner Technologies, leading experts in the development RFID and barcode tracking devices, is today announcing enhancements to its art collectors and dealers for the latest RFID art asset management and anti-theft solution.

“This is latest development of the RFID art asset management solution is the most reliably tracking device that ensures the whereabouts of museums and galleries art pieces so as to prevent theft or loss of valuable art pieces,” said Ted Kostis, president of Silent Partner Technologies.

RFID Security Monitoring Inventory for Art Galleries & MuseumsAs is the norm today, many art museums, galleries, and private art collectors use cameras to secure their collections. Some even employ various processes for taking inventory or recording the movement of art pieces within or across locations.

However, the value of art works does demand more greater accountability as it relates to at all times knowing where a particular art piece is located and can be easily retrieved, said Ted, whose company was first asked in 2007 to help an art store owner manage inventory across several galleries. Since, then the RFID technology has brought about new approaches that are effectively addressing the asset and security management needs of art owners and sellers.

“Display, storage, transfers and sales are all important events when we’re talking about high value art. You want to know where your artwork is at all times,” said Ted, whose company was recently asked to custom-tailored its art protection solution for The Hess Corporate Art Collection.

The company’s Web-based solution covers asset management and theft deterrence using a mix of technologies suited to the needs of the individual collection manager.

“One of the real benefits of RFID art asset tracking is that it greatly reduces the time to locate art and removes the need to handle a piece during identification,” said Ted, who added that their system was designed to help collection managers identify art without moving it in a gallery or unpacking it from a shipping crate (tags read right through the crate), reducing labor, time, and potential damage.

“Secondly, our art protection system gives owners and sellers improved visibility of and control over artworks, so that they can run more frequent inventory counts to get a handle on the whereabouts of the pieces of art at each location,” he added., who believed many within the art world still don’t know that RFID exists.

For further information, please contact: Ted Kostis, president of Silent Partner Technologies, at 888.428.5301, [email protected] or visit http://silentpartnertech.com.