Silent Partner Technologies Offers Art Tracking Systems for Art Dealers!

RFID art tracking for Hess CorporationArt Tracking..Display, storage, transfer and location are all important facets to be considered. Especially when high-priced museum and gallery art pieces are being dealt with! Nobody knows this more than Ted Kostis, President of Silent Partner Technologies, who has recently been commissioned to custom-tailor make an art inventory and protection system for The Hess Corporate Art Collection.

According to Ted, after carefully assessing Hess’s situation, Silent Partner Technologies, which specializes in the development of RFID and barcode tracking devices, came up with a web-based asset protection management system that covers inventory and collection management, including tracking and anti-theft strategies.

“One of the real benefits of RFID is that it greatly reduces the time to locate art and removes the need to handle a piece during identification,” said Ted.

He however added that their systems were designed to help art collection managers identify art pieces without have to physically move them around a gallery or unpacking them from a shipping crate. “You can read the tags read right through the crate, reducing labor, time, and potential damage,” he added.

Secondly, Ted noted that their RFID art protection systems are specifically designed to give owners and managers an improved visibility of and control high-ticketed gallery and museum artworks.

“We have created our systems in such a way that users can run more frequent inventory counts to get a handle on the whereabouts of the pieces of art at each location,” added Ted.

However, for persons within the art world that would like to know more about the awesome benefits to be derived from having a RFID asset management system at their disposal, can contact Ted Kostis, president of Silent Partner Technologies or visit for further information.