Find the Forklift Location with RFID RTLS

How big is your warehouse?  Do you have to locate that special forklift?  Do you need to know where that specific forklift with the extended fork  is or the vehicle with the wireless forklift computer.  Not all forklifts are manned and just a call away.  Parked vehicles or turned-off radios make it impossible to find and assign a forklift to a job. Locating the forklifts in a warehousing or distribution center is essential to the efficiency of the day-to-day operation.

Forklift RFID Locator RTLS
Locate forklift in your operation with RFID

A real time locator system (RTLS) for forklifts and other warehouse movable assets is a quick and efficient way to provide a warehouse manager with an effective tool to manage equipment resources.  Silent Partner Technologies has developed and implemented a cost effective RFID RTLS for small to very large distribution areas.  The RFID solution uses location specific RFID readers, tags (affixed to mobile asset), web-based asset tracking system and antennas to monitor and locate forklifts.  The system is also designed to operate in UHF mode to bypass heavily trafficked wireless networks.  Both systems are easily implemented without the need for IT resources.