RFID Speeds Up Asset Tracking with handheld scanning

RFID Speeds Up Asset Tracking with handheld scanning!

RFID Speeds Up Asset Tracking with handheld scanning. RFID’s most prominent cost saving benefit continues to be asset tracking. Using small tags, RFID wirelessly track and identifies any asset within a chosen location.

Of course, the tags and the readers differ in functionality and features. The tags (Passive in this case) send out a signal ONLY when energized by the reader.  The reader polls the area by sending out a signal, the tag then energizes and says “I’M HERE”.

Items to be inventoried can be office furniture, art pieces, heavy equipment, or any item of value or importance.  Assets can move or be moved.  The concept of RFID asset tracking is to use the same principle as with bar coding systems but expedite the data collection.  Trying to locate barcode on assets or in a defined area is not longer necessary and also very cumbersome.  With RFID, you can track assets simply by walking into a room with a reader.

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