RFID Automates Seminole County Asset Tracking

Seminole County, Florida  – Sept 21, 2010.  Seminole County automates asset tracking process with SPT RFID web based application.  For years Seminole County managed their assets using the standard manual process.  Through research they found a variety of basic solutions including “standard barcode process”.  However, they chose the Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) RFID web asset tracking solution for it’s ability to track assets in many ways that includes RFID, barcode and manual data entry.  The implemented solution uses the short range UHF RFID PDA technology, which allows a user to go out into the field and count assets from many buildings, and then upload the data.  However, they are also looking at potentially using UHF Portals so that “counts” of items are done automatically as items pass through these portals.  Additionally, they planning to use long range technology with both fixed and PDA should the “need” arise in the future.  Essentially buying one system which provides Seminole the County maximum flexibility for growth.

“Seminole County is changing their manual fixed assets inventory system to an automated RFID system.  Silent Partners Technologies has provided great support during this process and are very responsive to the County’s needs.  They have worked with staff providing one-to-one training sessions and finding ways that will best suit the County.  It has been a great experience working with Silent Partner Technologies”   says, Betsy Cohen, Seminole County Purchasing Department–Procurement Supervisor.