Fire department software

Although the focus is RFID real-time, most FD do not search for RFID. So this is a lure to get FD visitors to see our RFID FD solution.

SPT™ RFID Asset Management Software Provides Firehouse Solution

Silent Partner Technologies™ (SPT™) can provide your fire department with customized software to manage and track all your inventory and equipment. You will never again be concerned about the location of a vehicle or the number of first aid kits available. RFID asset management makes asset management easy and reliable. […]


RFID Helps Florida’s Seminole County Fire Dept Manage Equipment

By Claire Swedberg – RFID Journal The county has attached EPC Gen 2 passive tags to 10,000 of its most valuable assets, so that it can swiftly conduct inventory throughout its 130 facilities and offices. The purchasing division of Florida’s Seminole County is employing an RFID tracking system to manage […]

RFID Automates Seminole County Asset Tracking

Seminole County, Florida  – Sept 21, 2010.  Seminole County automates asset tracking process with SPT RFID web based application.  For years Seminole County managed their assets using the standard manual process.  Through research they found a variety of basic solutions including “standard barcode process”.  However, they chose the Silent Partner […]