IntelliVan RFID Fleet Equipment Tracking from Silent Partner Technologies (SPT)

IntelliVan-SoftwareOnce again, Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) leads the way in RFID based Asset Management solutions with its latest addition—IntelliVan RFID Fleet Equipment Tracking. As an extension of its “real-time” visibility of assets within a vehicle (previously PC Based), the driver(s) within the Vehicle(s) can now see the status of their assets within their vehicle on a “Phone”—essentially the “Phone” is the Central Processing Unit/the Microcontroller. As such we’ve “drastically” reduced the cost while simplifying and improving the solution and thus making it affordable to the masses.

As updates or changes occur across hundreds or thousands of Vehicles with respect to their Asset Status, IntelliVan is updating the SPT cloud application at pre-set intervals, and thus allowing various managers, and/or other users the ability to see these updates as they occur in “real-time”. Furthermore, and most significantly is that IntelliVan supports both “Active and Passive” RFID technologies!

Whether we’re tracking valuable assets for a construction company, or an EMS Ambulance, or a rocking roll bands tour equipment, our clients will never have to worry or guess whether or not they have their equipment. IntelliVan will give them the “green light” telling them all is well, or the “red light” telling them what is missing, or a “cautionary yellow telling them what equipment belongs to someone else.

There’s a huge need for a solution such as this,” says Ted Kostis, President of SPT, “and we have finally figured out a way to make it affordable”!

Above and beyond simply tracking the assets, there are significant security functions available as well. Such options include but are not limited to unexpected movement, temperature sensors, activation of a panic button, tampering with or removal of a security seal and much more.

Based on the success of SPT’s IntelliView™ cloud-based asset management software solutions, IntelliVan™ enables real time visibility of the assets in your fleet. This information can be viewed on a dashboard, maps, or with text, if that is preferred, using the IntelliView™ web application.

For more information, check out the web site or phone or email Silent Partner Technologies.