RFID Solution For Inventory Management Prevents Theft – Sunscape Landscaping

Sunscape logoSunscape Landscaping in Austin, Tx, an industry leader in design, landscape enhancements and maintenance, was facing the problem of no longer being able to track their assets. The fact that the equipment and supplies are moved around various sites and used by different work teams leads to the risk of theft and loss.

Inventory Management SunscapeThey tried using a barcode solution, but with not much effect since the dirty and damaged barcodes were difficult if not impossible to be read. With the RFID solution provided by SPT, the tags can be read even through the dirt or grease, they are practically indestructible and they don’t even need to be in direct line of sight to be tracked. Also, hundreds of tags can be read in seconds and large and small assets can be managed on one site and among several sites.

Furthermore the SPT application is “browser based”, and as such a user can take inventory anywhere in the world by simply connecting to a “cellular hot spot”, and/or getting onto a network.  This allows Sunscape employees to take inventory whenever they want and/or wherever they are by simply connecting to the Internet thru their phone. By using the SPT RFID solution, the accuracy in inventory count is increased, as well as the productivity, while the tracking errors and theft are drastically reduced.