Silent Partner Technologies Launches New RFID Applications Distributorship Network

RFID Applications Distributorship

RFID Applications Distributorship. Tampa, Florida – Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) announced today the release of its major distributorship program. As part of a progressive RFID products launch, SPT is setting up a network of distributors across the U.S., Canada, South America and soon the E.U.   As SPT’s distributorship network begins to grow, the company expects its RFID products branding to spread like wildfire. Currently, Silent Partner Technologies has several distributors under negotiations in Orlando, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Baltimore / Washington DC and Chicago.  The company expects to announce these partnerships in the very near future.

According to senior management at Silent Partner Technologies, the company is excited to build its network of distributors and also believes that new distributorships are a great addition to SPT’s expanding operations and continued growth.  “We’ve developed many RFID applications for a variety of industries.  RFID is truly a viable enabling technology.  We need distributors to open local markets,” explained Ted Kostis, CEO of SPT.
Silent Partner Technologies is seeking driven, entrepreneurial-spirited technology and sales companies to participate in an exciting and continually evolving RFID market.  According to an expansion official at SPT, the local presence of a distributorship should greatly increase their exposure in the U.S. and Canada and contribute to the advancement and international expansion of SPT RFID applications.

About Silent Partner Technologies

Silent Partner Technologies, based in Tampa, Florida, is a software manufacturer of RFID applications and a business technology consulting firm. Solutions incorporate RFID technology with web enabled software that provide various companies with real-time tracking and monitoring of assets and inventory.  SPT solutions are implemented in many diverse industries such as health care, art & entertainment, military, manufacturing, public sector and supply chain.