Forklift RFID Solution by SPT and Percon Team Up

Forklift RFID Solution by SPT and Percon Team Up

Forklift RFID Solution! Eugene, OR and Tarpon Springs, FL (September 15, 2010) – Silent Partner Technologies and Percon, Inc. have combined their respective products to deliver a forklift computer RFID solution. By integrating SPT RTLS, RFID technology and the Percon vehicle computer products into an effective forklift locator system, a warehouse manager can now instantly locate his specific forklift in any area of his expansive operation.

“Our real time locator system (RTLS) for forklifts has been proven to be very effective”, said Ted Kostis, president of Silent Partner Technologies. “With just a few additional accessories, you can combine actuators to provide a forklift safety warning system too.” SPT has engineered their RFID RTLS for small to very large distribution areas with the objective of being effective and very affordable.

” Installation is so quick and easy that customers wonder why they have not installed it sooner.  Most installations are stand-alone and require no IT involvement.  The system can also bypass Wi-Fi systems and not rob bandwidth from current applications”  – Ted Kostis, Silent Partner Technologies

“Finding the specific forklift in a large manufacturing floor or a distribution center is very difficult and time consuming.  By adding an RFID tag within our forklift computer and assigning it to the SPT RTLS gives a warehouse or distribution manager a very beneficial tool”, said James Budniakiewicz, Senior Partner with Percon.

About Percon, Inc.

Percon is a recognized innovator in the AIDC/barcoding/RFID industries. Percon, Inc. engineers, manufactures, sells and distributes industrial fixed, vehicle and forklift computer products for operations suited for the harshest of environments. Application areas would include vertical industries such as warehousing, oil exploration, manufacturing, cold storage, transportation, military and public safety. Percon products are the results of over 90 years of AIDC experience plus they are complemented with the quality support service expected from the Percon legacy.

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About Silent Partner Technologies

Silent Partner Technologies, based in Tarpon Springs, Fla., is a software developer and systems integrator of leading edge RFID applications and solutions. Our RFID products enable our customers to collect, track and manage data for various valuable assets in a variety of environments and in real time. For more information, visit