RFID Wander Management Application Gives Dementia Patients Their Freedom

RFID Wander Management Application

RFID Wander Management Application. Silent Partner Technologies has developed WanderTrack, an RFID application that utilizes passive tags to ensure that assisted-living residents afflicted with dementia no longer need to be confined in a secured area. This RFID wandering management solution allows residents to be part of the general population instead of having to be moved to the facility’s secured area. When a tag assigned to a monitored resident is read by an interrogator installed near the door, the RFID software, controlling that reader, e-mails an alert to the appropriate staff members.  Because of the elevated care for residents assigned to the secured section of the facility, families of those living in this section pay nearly twice as much per month as residents housed in the main facility.  This RFID solution not only provides dementia more freedom of movement but also reduces their cost of care.

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