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Wander Prevention Management

Wander Prevention Management. SPT’s Ted Kostis announced that WanderTrack wander prevention system has added an outdoor loop tracking feature that allows monitoring of residents outside the four walls of an assisted living facility.

Liabilities and risk management are forcing nursing homes and assisted living facilities to confine at risk seniors to within its four walls. Surveillance cameras and door access controls run rampant in many senior facilities and gives off the appearance of a low security detention centers. It is no wonder that seniors avoid senior care facilities.

Silent Partner Technologies has added a new feature in their Wander Prevention offering. It is an outdoor wireless and invisible perimeter security fence. By adding an RFID exciter with a 300 feet underground antenna, WanderTrack software can now monitor an outdoor area. Now a facility can offer two levels monitoring wander management for its residents. Low risk residents can now have access to both indoor facilities and outdoor campus. Resident can walk outside the standard door gates and enjoy the benefits of the outdoor campus. If the resident passes through the controlled designated control points, an audible alarm and email is immediately initiated for the caretakers to respond quickly and prevent the potential patient wandering outside the campus limits.

“I feel really good about our new product. The WanderTrack outdoor loop dramatically raises the quality of life for our seniors in assisted living facilities “said Ted Kostis, president of Silent Partner Technologies (SPT). SPT has several implementations of its new product and extremely satisfied customers including the noteworthy The Boston Home