Art Tracking Solution to Monitor and Inventory Artifacts

Art Tracking Solution to Monitor and Inventory Artifacts

Art Tracking Solution to Monitor and Inventory Artifacts. Silent Partner Technologies’  active 2.4 GHz RFID tags and software were deployed by numerous museums and galleries that can detect any motion and measures humidity and temperature in order to alert its staff when an asset or property is being moved (or stolen) or damaged.

 Security guards and technological devices are strategically place in museums in order to protect or safeguard artifacts, arts and other valuable items. One technological device that are commonly used in the building premises are the permanent wired motion detectors. While some museums in United States make use of sensor products combined with active RFID tags from Silent Partner Technologies which enables them to protect all the valuable and high-value assets wirelessly. The Art Monitoring Software and hardware can detect any motion which triggers an alarm when any artifacts, arts and any other valuable item where moved. With this, staffs can be alerted electronically and they are able to respond the quickest possible time.

The Silent Partner Technologies offers the best asset management solutions that may be use in museums, galleries, private and business collections, people safety and logistics or any other customized solutions that fits your needs. The RFID art monitoring system is being used at healthcare Art, French Galleries, Hess Corporation, Gramaldi Galleries and various other locations in North America.

RFID art security inventory monitoringThe monitoring efforts of museums are not limited on securing their valuable properties but they also consider environmental conditions like heat or water temperatures as it may cause damages on properties. Wired technological devices are able to recognize these hazards however some museums looks for other alternatives for aesthetic reasons that doesn’t require running cables all over the exhibit. Also, some exhibits change and move from time to time and relocating your system may be required to adapt these changes.


That’s the reason why the RFID art tracking system is designed to be more convenient and nimble, says Ted Kostis, Silent Partner Technologies’ CEO of active RFID.

This system is equipped with battery-powered RFID tags that have the ability to transmit using a proprietary air-interface protocol at 2.4 GHz. The SPT Art Monitoring Software can manage and route information to the museum’s back end security or management systems. The various types of the Silent Partner Technologies’ tags usually come with a built-in motion or temperature sensors. When these tags are attached to an item in motion, the system automatically detects it and initiates an alert like a sound of a siren. Any individual holding that property will be aware of that its movement is considered unauthorized. If further movement has been detected, the SPT art monitoring software will activate its secondary alert to call the attention of the staff members or it even sounds an alarm within the entire building.

The RFID tags were directly attached to any property and asset using a wire or an adhesive. Museums make use of a specialist who set up artwork for hanging and this individual attaches this RFID tags to the artwork without doing any damages on it. After deployment, these tags transmit and forward each unique ID number and sensor update using a cabled Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to the SPT Art Monitoring Software. It then interprets the read data and interfaces against the museums management software. The tags are also capable of transmitting information about its battery life in order to produce an alert when batteries’ energy is low. As per Ted Kostis, its battery life can last between 5 to 12 years.

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