RFID Long Range Asset tracking Using M2240X rugged handheld

Long Range Asset tracking

Long Range Asset tracking..Tempe, Ariz. and Tarpon Springs, Fla. (March 31, 2009) – Integrating RFID active-tag technology with a range of up to 200 feet in a rugged handheld computer, DAP Technologies and Silent Partner Technologies have teamed up to provide a comprehensive RFID solution for web based asset tracking. The active-based technology in DAP’s M2240X can now utilize long-range RFID applications from Silent Partner Technologies.

Users can inventory hundreds of high-value assets in a matter of seconds–even in harsh climates and challenging conditions. It also has asset locator functionality, which helps guide a user to a specified item through a series of audible tones and visual cues on the display.

DAP’s M2240X uses active-frequency identification (RFID) tags, which are battery powered and can be reused. With settings between 0.5 second to 60 seconds, the tags can be programmed to send a beacon to the device, allowing for quick inventory. Readable at a long range, the tags allow inventory to be taken without scanning bar codes or physically accessing each item. Tags can be in a completely different room or be located up to 200 feet outdoors.

“The rugged engineering of our computers was a perfect complement for Silent Partner Technologies’ innovative software,” said Gianni Parisse, general manager of DAP Technologies. “The M2240X offers a solution that saves time, operates effectively in even the worst weather, and is so efficient that a customer can perform numerous reconciliation counts throughout the day.”

There are many applications for the RFID solution using DAP’s handheld M2240X, ranging from industrial, manufacturing and commercial sites to healthcare facilities and public safety.

“Basically any organization that needs to keep track of its high-value assets can benefit from this system.” said Ted Kostis, president of Silent Partner Technologies. “We’re pleased to partner with DAP to offer this RFID asset tracking solution to our customers.”

About DAP Technologies

DAP Technologies, based in Quebec City, designs and manufactures rugged handheld and mobile computers for a range of demanding industries and harsh environments. DAP’s computers help increase the productivity of data collection, processing and transmission for a wide variety of applications in industries that include utilities, field service, emergency services, public safety, transportation and logistics. DAP Technologies is an affiliate of Tempe, Ariz.-based RMT Inc.

About Silent Partner Technologies

Silent Partner Technologies, based in Tarpon Springs, Fla., is a manufacturer and systems integrator of leading edge tracking solutions. Our technology enables our customers to collect and manage data even in the harshest of environments. For more information, visit www.silentpartnertech.com