RFID Medical Supplies Tracking for Mid Columbia Fire Department

RFID Medical Supplies Tracking

RFID Medical Supplies Tracking

RFID Medical Supplies Tracking. Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue is a special service District that provides traditional Fire, Rescue, and Prevention services to the City of The Dalles as well as the rural areas surrounding the City. Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue is also the Ambulance Service Provider for Ambulance Service Area #2, providing emergency advanced life support treatment and transport to its Citizens. Over 16,000 people live within the 110 square miles that the Fire District serves. The Fire District is funded primarily through property taxes and ambulance revenue.

Mid Columbia Fire Department like many other fire departments struggle with inventory and asset tracking. Having to account for all medical supplies, station supplies, narcotics and assets can be daunting in and of itself. Couple that with the priority of the job which is to save lives and after a 12–14-hour shift, inventory counting becomes low on the task list.

Silent Partner Technologies IntelliView cloud-based software solution automates many processes of inventory and asset tracking. Smart RFID based technology allows SPT to transform virtually any “location” into a smart location. Smart rooms, Smart shelves, Smart vehicles are just the beginning.

Moving forward, Mid Columbia will reap the rewards offered by increased visibility through RFID, and significantly improve it’s overall efficiency with “one Enterprise solution” vs having many disparate and disconnected solutions.

Silent Partner Technologies is both pleased and proud to have the opportunity to help fulfill Mid Columbia Fire Departments vision for the future and supply them with a solution that will fill their needs today, tomorrow and beyond.