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Managing Fixed Assets with RFID

Managing Fixed Assets with RFID. Seminole County Government implemented a new system for managing the fixed assets inventory – a “Radio-frequency Identification (RFID)” typically referred as an RFID tag. Basically, it is a technology that enables the wireless transmission of electronic data through a small device that is applied to the asset for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. The use of RFID system for the management of fixed assets is an innovative practice that utilizes technology to effectively conduct inventory functions.

This innovative practice promotes savings to the County and supports efficiency and accuracy for the entire property administration process while adding value to the procurement processes. This technology provides the ability to identify and locate items and allows the County to have a more accurate picture of what it has and where items are located.

All fixed assets were physically identified with a RFID tag and this action accounted for a current and accurate inventory to initiate the new RFID system. These tags are read up to 20 feet away and the tags can be added or overwritten and the data stored within an RFID tag’s microchip waits to be read. To accomplish the reading, staff takes a handheld reader to the location site to account for real-time count. The handheld is ideal for use by mobile workers and rolling stock inventory.

This device facilitates the inventory because staff walks through the room and the handheld picks up the reading from RFID that are not visible to the eye. Tasks that took hours can be done in a matter of minutes.

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