Wander Management with RFID Technology

Assisted living and extended care facilities must take precautions to ensure that their residents with dementia do not wander away. In many cases, that means restricting them to secure areas with locked doors and guarded by staff. Now there is a better solution, wander management through the use of radio […]

Seniors using wnader prevention & tracking system

RFIT art security inventory monitoring

RFID Solution Helps to Monitor and Inventory Valuable Artifacts

Silent Partner Technologies’  active 2.4 GHz RFID tags and software were deployed by numerous museums and galleries that can detect any motion and measures humidity and temperature in order to alert its staff when an asset or property is being moved (or stolen) or damaged.  Security guards and technological devices […]

Guardian Angel HDR3

Wander Management Solutions for Assisted Living Facilities

People with Alzheimer’s and other conditions which affect the memory have a tendency to wander away from their homes or the assisted care facilities in which they are living. This is called elopement, and it is a real problem for those who are providing care to such patients. The development […]

RFID Tool Tracking for Trailers, HVAC Trucks and Other Mobile Supply Vans

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID tool tracking is a relatively new implementation of an established technology  that uses wireless communication to transfer data from an electronic tag, called an RFID tag, that is attached to an object (tool) using a reader to recognize and track the object. The reader does […]

tool tracking vans HVAC trailers mobile trucks construction site