Landscaping Inventory and Asset Management

A long list of landscaping equipment and assets are needed to create a thoughtful landscape design that adds an aura of beauty to your house.

Silent Partner Technologies’ Landscaping inventory and asset management makes it effortlessly easy and efficient to track, precisely locate, and manage the inventory of assets and offers much-needed real-time tracking updates to the landscaping team.

Why Do You Need a Landscape Inventory and Asset Management System?

landscaping inventory softwareTo gain efficiency: The landscaping team gets to know the location of tools and equipment in real time. This leads to customer satisfaction, happy employees, and better services.

Better planning:  With inventory management software, the landscaping team can dispatch the assets in time and reduce redundant resources and avoid unnecessary spending.

To avoid loss of assets: Most landscaping companies lose around 10% of their equipment every year.  With our RFID-based asset tracking technology, you can track and monitor landscaping tools and prevent losses. This brings about an increase in productivity and better efficiency.

To save time: An inventory management software eliminates the time-intensive tasks of manually tracking landscaping tools and equipment.

Lower labor cost: Due to increased efficiency and reduced operating costs, a landscaping job can be done with fewer resources.

Landscapers’ job begins long before they arrive at the site and extends well past completion of the job. Landscaping professionals rely on multiple tools and equipment to complete their job.

Our RFID and GPS-based landscaping inventory management software offers:

  • Tracking of landscaping tools and equipment in real-time on easy-to-use phone and tablet apps.
  • Quick location of the landscaping vehicle fleet.
  • Easy tracking and planning of maintenance of landscaping assets.
  • Get maintenance reminders of the assets.
  • Protection of the assets from unauthorized use and theft.