Exxon Mobile uses RFID forklift Safety Solution

Exxon Mobile uses RFID forklift Safety Solution

Overview of the forklift safety proximity solution

The Forklift Safety Proximity Solution used by Exxon Mobile from Silent Partner Technologies. The system improves safety and visibility within the workplace.

The Client

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Use Case

Exxon Mobile uses the Silent Partner Technologies forklift safety proximity solution. This allows them to alert personnel of a forklift in the area. This is accomplished by the reader being mounted at a “blind spot”, intersection, warehouse doorway, or what have you. From there, strobe or warning lights and sirens can be placed at multiple strategic locations. The lights and sirens alert personnel that a forklift is in the area. The solution is configurable and adaptable to multiple installation scenarios. Which makes it for more versatile as opposed to lights shining on the floor in front of the forklift.


The installation is simply a matter of deciding which option best suits your needs. These are some possible scenarios. First, do you want to alert personnel to the forklifts in the area? Second do you want to alert forklift drivers to personnel in the area? Third do you want to install the solution at a blind spot to alert both personnel and forklift? Forth, do you want to alert forklifts of other forklifts in the area? All scenarios can be accommodated with the forklift safety proximity solution. Configuration is done via WiFi much like configuring a router at home or your office. Simply login and change the settings for the range and alert time and done.

Forklift Safety Proximity Solution

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