Tracking Solution for AMA Pro Racing Team

RFID-Motor-SportsSPT’s Tracking Solution for AMA Pro Racing Timing

AMA Pro Racing looks to Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) for the best solution for tracking timing equipment. The answer is IntelliView + IntelliVan mobile app! IntelliVan enables all the feature of an active RFID system in your fleet of trucks and trailers.

The Pro Racing timing team is continuously challenged to provide complete, accurate, immediate results of race performance for all racers. They depend on knowing the exact location and condition of all the pieces of equipment at any given time. The team travels with three 40ft haulers filled with components. There is always an urgency to set up and test equipment, time the races, tear down, and head for the next event. However, the team cannot afford to lose or misplace any piece of their equipment.

The solution is SPT’s IntelliVan Tracking software. The web based, active RFID system works on a user friendly Android phone, allowing the team to verify the count and location of all pieces of equipment right where the haulers are being loaded and unloaded. IntelliVan’s accurate, complete and real time data help AMA Pro Racing better manage their assets from race to race with minimal effort — taking inventory can now take minutes versus hours.


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Motorcycle raceFeatures of the Asset 

Manager for AMA

We designed IntelliView to meet the needs of any motor sport. There are many features of the system, below are just a few which can give you confidence in knowing you have all the necessary equipment and supplies you might need.

  • Browser based technology. You can access the application anywhere in the world from a PC or Smart phone with access to the internet.
  • Real time data. The SPT Smart Detectors continually scans the RFID tags so you know the information in the database is current, and with simple color code indicators a driver can easily and quickly determine if all is well, or something is missing, or maybe he/she inadvertently swapped a part with another group indicating whether items are accounted for, missing, or borrowed.
  • Seeker application.  If you’ve accidentally forgotten or left behind an asset, you can easily “seek out”/”find” the specific asset with the SPT Seeker application.  This application provides user graphical, and audible cues as to whether he/she is getting close to the asset they are looking for—similar to a Geiger counter.
  • Real-Time Asset Visibility:  The system was designed with “asset visibility” in mind.  That is to say, its’ one thing to look at spreadsheets, and yet another to actually “see/hear” my assets and their status in “real-time”.  A driver has a graphical display showing the following: anything in Red is Missing, Yellow is Wrong Location, and Green is OK..  A manager back at their facility can access the system and “see” if his/her team are ok with similar “graphical views”. Being able to see graphics enhances the usability of the application when you often have to make quick decisions.

SPT continues to develop options for IntelliView. Depending on the specific focus of the service you provide, you might be interested in integrated solutions such as:

  • Consumable inventory management
  • Smart Cabinet technology especially for controlling high value or high risk assets
  • Active Security Seal type Tags, which can tell you when a compartment has been opened.
  • Seeker  utility to find lost assets
  • Emergency alerts in the form of an email, or texts on predetermined changes to status


No matter how basic or sophisticated your need for asset management, we take the time to make sure our solution is tailored to your situation.
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Racing CarBenefits of IntelliView

SPT understands the need for immediate, accurate information. We understand you need the assusrance all your equipment is there for all your events.

Besides letting you know the location and availability of equipment and supplies, IntelliView also has the capacity to tell you the condition of these items. Examples of the kind of information that could be available as alerts are:

  • Fluctuation in temperature outside a predetermined range for designated supplies or compartments
  • Unauthorized opening of, or tampering with containers for supplies
  • Depletion or use of equipment and supplies which need to be recalibrated, repaired, or restocked
  • Need for inventory check on equipment kits
  • Missing equipment or supplies


SPT IntelliView can be customized to the specific needs and instructions of the service provider. For example, you might have a system administrator watching for alerts to problems or you might set up a system of email alerts for certain situations.

Support Service for IntelliView

SPT is a full service company, not just a supplier of products. We take pride in being completely client focused. We begin with choosing the right professionals to work on your project. The complexity of AMA asset management requires a knowledgeable subject matter expert in addition to technical staff. SPT is always prepared to work with other suppliers to ensure you have the most appropriate hardware for your operations.

We design and develop the solution, install and test it, and then conduct the necessary training. We do not leave you until your staff is comfortable and confident in using all the features for asset tracking and management. After that, we are available to answer follow-up questions and give advice.

Our success depends on your success. That’s why our RFID asset management solutions are supported by excellent SPT service.