HalenHardy uses Smart Trailer technology to track Assets

HalenHardy uses Smart Trailer technology to track Assets


Smart Trailer! Proactive cleanup plan that helps you avoid spills, clean up faster, and lower your costs for spill and sediment control. At HalenHardy, we work with you to develop a custom cleanup plan. That saves time and money and ensures SPCC compliance.

FACT: Nearly 80% of outdoor oil and fuel spills occur in wet weather. 

So why do conventional spill control products perform so poorly in wet conditions?

Because those products weren’t designed for wet conditions. Ours are.

Spilltration® oil and fuel spill products perform at the highest level in the toughest, most rugged outdoor environments. Compared to conventional options, they also take up 80% less space, deploy up to 10 times faster, and won’t degrade when exposed to sunlight.

Smart Trailer using RFID Technology

HalenHardy uses the IntelliView solution from Silent Partner Technologies to track inventory and assets. For Halen Hardy this is done on enclosed trailers in remote locations.

Done via a solar cellular standalone fixed RFID reader configuration. The solar panels are mounted on top of the trailer, the batteries mounted in a box on the front tongue of the trailer. The reader and subsequent antennas are mounted inside the trailer to the roof and walls.

The trailer is then monitored in real time and knows the status of all the items that are RFID tagged. When they leave the trailer the solar cellular standalone fixed RFID reader configuration sends the data to the site via the cellular connection 24/7 365. Full visibility is attained via the cloud based application, this give the client full visibility from any browser anywhere in the world!