RFID Fork Lift Safety used by Commonwealth Brewery Limited

RFID Fork Lift Safety used by Commonwealth Brewery Limited

RFID Fork Lift Safety

RFID Fork Lift Safety. Commonwealth Brewery became a publicly owned company in 2011. With 25 percent of the shares held by Bahamian individuals and institutions. There are three thousand local shareholders who have altogether invested more than 62.5 million dollars. In addition to the 150,000 square-foot brewery. That is sprawled across almost 20 acres at Clifton Pier. Where Kalik, Heineken, Guinness, Vitamalt, Ole Nassau, and Ricardo rums are produced. The company distributes 70-plus labels of beer, wines, and spirits.  It owns over 60 retail stores throughout The Bahamas. CBL has over 400 Bahamian employees. The run three warehouses and a major recycling plant that produces more than 50% of the brewery’s bottles. 

RFID Fork Lift Safety CBL offers beverage industry buyers and end-consumers alike, an impressive product portfolio. Which is comprised of beers, wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages.
Our assortment reflects current market trends. It includes both local brands of excellent quality and respected international brands. We have over 400 associates in operations across 13 islands. Working diligently to exceed customer and consumer expectations. We do not take our industry leadership role lightly.
In 2018 Commonwealth Brewery Limited decided it was time to improve on their blue light indicators on the Fork Lift Trucks and Pedestrian walk paths—simply put, “it was just not good enough, we knew we could do better,” said Darren Pitt.

“During our extensive search we narrowed it down to a few vendors, but the Silent Partner solution was the best solution for our specific environment,” said Darren Pitt.

The Silent Partner RFID-based solution provides Audible and Visual alerts, which has significantly increased the awareness of the operators thus mitigating any potential accidents. They’ve placed the lights and alarms at blind spots and forklift entrances, as well as areas where there are no outlined walking paths.
“The system has far exceeded our expectations; the Silent Partner team has been fantastic to work with—in fact we’re adding to the overall solution,” said Darren Pitt.
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