RFID asset locator

MITRE Tracks Tools and Equipment with Passive and Active RFID

The MITRE Corporation is a not-for-profit organization chartered to work in the public interest.  The company had an ongoing problem with tracking and locating very expensive lab equipment, such as oscilloscopes, used in their lab facilities by scientists and engineers.  Once taken from a central repository, the equipment would often […]

RFID equipment tool tracking

MITRE RFID RTLS and Asset Locator Project

SPT RTLS RFID Solution Chosen For MITRE Corporation Pilot Project

Tarpon Springs, FL and Bedford, MA (September 21, 2010) MITRE Corporation, a systems engineering and advance technology company,  selects Silent Partner Technologies'(SPT) RFID Real-time Locator System (RTLS) solution for its operation.  After many months of research for a cost effective method to track and locate assets throughout the Bedford facility, […]