Bunker Gear Tracking RFID Based Solution for Denver Fire

Bunker Gear Tracking RFID Based Solution for Denver Fire

Denver Fire uses Silent Partner Technologies to Track Bunker GearBunker Gear Tracking

Bunker gear tracking is an important aspect of any fire department! Its what protects and keeps the fire fighters alive in most instances. The inspection process is long and arduous as is the cleaning and repair process. All of which need to be documented.

Established in 1866, the Denver Fire Department provides services to the citizens who live, work and visit the City and County of Denver. Denver Fire Department provides all hazard responses and emergency medical services. As well as  fire suppression, emergency medical services, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, water, and high-angle rescue. The Department has over 1,000 paid professional firefighters. They support daily fire/rescue and medical operations. The Department also employs 42 civilian staff supporting all Divisions. There are 39 fully staffed firehouses responding to fire and emergency calls within the city.  The Department has five staffed firehouses providing services at Denver International Airport.

Denver Fire uses Silent Partner Technologies for Bunker Gear Tracking

What are they doing.

Denver fire department uses the Intelliview solution from Silent Partner TechnologiesSilent Partner Technologies Logo to keep track of all of their bunker gear. All aspects of the bunker gear are kept in a cloud-based solution.  That solution provides cradle-to-grave tracking as granular as the end user desires. Purchase dates, decommission dates, and reminders for those dates. As well as service dates and maintenance dates are all part of the solution. Other items that are kept track of include issuance of the gear. The respective firefighter, service tracking, maintenance tracking, repair tracking, and inventory tracking. Silent partner offers a “turn-key” system for bunker gear specifically with all the above features as well as checklists and more.