Silent Partner Technologies™ (SPT™) is the creator of the IntelliView™ suite of RFID applications and an integrator of leading edge RFID asset tracking solutions.


IntelliView™ RFID Asset Managment

Our web based IntelliView™ suite of RFID asset management systems provides your business the most comprehensive asset and inventory tracking solution available anywhere!

IntelliVan™ Fleet Equipment Tracking

IntelliVan™ is a mobile app that works seamlessly with IntelliView™ and provides real time data from equipment in your fleet.

RFID Forklift Safety

With SPT’s latest RFID technology, forklift liability issues become a thing of the past.

IntelliView™ for Fire & EMS Asset Management

The IntelliView™ suite provides a complete system for Fire & EMS Asset and Inventory Tracking and Management.

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. The County relies on dependable service from suppliers like you to help us keep current tracking and inventory data to satisfy our customers. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business.”-- Betsy J. Cohen, M.P.A., C.P.M., CPPO, CPPB, Procurement Administrator Seminole County Government


Why partner with SPT

"While most RFID providers focus on software, SPT’s ongoing differentiation is that we focus on the entire solution—including Hardware Engineering. As such we employee Hardware engineers, as well as partnerships with Universities and Engineering firms so we can provide “a complete” best of breed solution. At Silent Partner we are constantly looking forward and adapting new technology to the ever changing needs and requirements of our clients."

---Ted Kostis, President Silent Partner Technologies.

Whether we are tracking test equipment utilizing Passive RFID Technology, tracking seniors for wander management, to tracking Cargo from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast of Columbia, South America utilizing Active RFID Technology, tracking and monitoring priceless assets such as museum art or managing the inventory for a 3PL provider, Silent Partner has the experience and knowledge to ask the right questions, which ultimately results in delivering the correct RFID tracking solutions.

Because of our vast experience in software development, tracking solutions, and strong vendor relations, we are better able than many to view problems in a broader context and thus providing our clients with the "right" RFID applications.


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